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Onet Pikachu Extreme is Really Hard!Gamers Dude March 15, 2018

Onet Pikachu Extreme is a puzzle game categorized under free arcade game in google play. It was created by Bang Bang LLC Studio. If you are a super fan of classic pikachu games, you will not ignore this game.

This game basically is a board puzzle game for PC since 1999, now you can play it on mobile phone for free. It has the same classic graphics and also the same dimension as the PC version which is 9x16.

This game itself really doesn’t need much explanation, to play is simple, just find all pair of the same images, just 2 of them each one, and some lines will be removed and you can try to look from up to down and left to right to find the same pair again.

Here are some of the features of the game :

If you love a puzzle game, this game definitely worth to play.

Img Img

As one of many puzzle game, this game quite hard to finish at some level, but I think your skills to identify images and how to solve it will be increase inline with your experiences in playing this for hours.

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