Games! That’s what we live for!

Gamers Dude is a website dedicated to review games and giving you the opportunity to look and choose to play games suits your style and preferences.

What Will You Find Here!

You will find the Reviews on Every Games We Experiences in our stunning Laptop, Our Handy Mobile Phone, Our Cheap Samsung VR, and Of Course Our Playstation 4 Game Console.

This is a very Brief Games Review. It might not show any Guidance on How To Solve Challenge in Games or even a sophisticated Game Reviews with every Detail Attached!

We DON’T LET Our Review to be THE BEST REVIEW EVER, BUT It simply will provide you with the basic points that might interest you to play or not to play the games. THAT, at Least we can guarantee! Also we don’t post regularly, we post as we want because most of the times, we play the games and DON’T LIKE TO WRITE ANY REVIEW! So EXPECT LESS FROM US, BUT MORE FUN WITH US!

We actually Upload Videos on Gamers Dude Channel but also only a video per Week, based on our preferences.

There’s over thousands of Games in this world today, in many kind of forms and media. Some games played in 5 years ago, nowadays it might be gone because the creator of the games decided to quit the productions. We have played hundreds of games just to move on to another newest game that interest us in different times.

Most of us are working outside of game industry with the interest of sharing our Brief Review on Games. That’s the whole soul of this website. Thanks for your understanding! and have fun with us!