I welcome you to the one of most exciting competitive sport in the world which is street basketball. If you are a PS 4 plus member, this game is pretty much free for you, if you aren’t you might still possible to play this game, I don’t know.

Street basketball is very fascinating game which in real life we all play it with friends and families. This game consist of few mode. The first one is 1 vs 1 player, which you can control 1 character while the other 2 will be Artificial Intelligence, then you will face real players with the same format. This game is a real time 3 on 3 match which you can challenge other player online while they might sit in their room.

It also has 3 vs 3 mode which you control 1 character while the other 5 are real players. It really much better to play with friends than soloing the game.

Therefore iff you don’t communicate with other teammate well you can’t gain anything since this is the strategy game. So if you are solo guy and you still want to play this game you should just focus on the jobs, doing the jobs for items, cash and also doing the 1 vs 1 game so you can increase your exp to get your skill upgrades.

Each characters are very different, as suggestion, you will need to increase your exp fast. When it come to the game play itself, there are few things you can do : 1. try to snap the first ball!, 2. guard your ball and then do the duck play, 3. job actually can earn you money and items so do it regularly.

There are actually few characters, some still locked while the unlocked character is with you from the beginning of the game, you can level up, doing this and you will gain skills you will gain advantages on playing the game winning on every game. You can also level up your skills, this is different in every character, they have different position and they have different skills and depends on how is your playing style, you have to choose different character.

Most people use some characters that can dunk well but 3-shoot guy is also great to advance your score. You can make your character stronger by doing in-app purchase in the shop. There are many accessories there, shoes, dress, shirts, anything will do their part for winning any competition. You can also choose your celebration style, but actually its doesn’t matter and you can just focus on the game, all can be bought in the store.


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