Complex and Addictive Game Ever!

A thousand years ago the Void God, Yaros, led the abyss army to strike at the Yaloran Empire. This bloody war turned the rich, fertile land into a barren desert and has claimed the lives of millions of innocents. Humanity needs a hero, will you take them back from the brink of annihilation and defeat the divine terror, Yaros?


Wartune is a real-time MMORPG that puts you in charge of the world’s last bastion. It is being developed by the Chinese game company 7th Road and hosted by several game companies on their Servers. Enlist the aid of magical Sylphs and summon unyielding Eudaemon to defeat your enemies.

Strengthen your hero by challenging epic bosses from the depths of hell itself, and earn rewards to bolster your units. When your lust for blood grows strong enough, join your friends in epic PvP battles, and dominate the charts. The road may be long, but the reward is your Kingdom!


In the RPG portion, players take the role of a Knight, Mage or Archer, and lead 2 legions of Mercenaries through a fantasy-based plotline with modern 2.5D graphics, winning battles and finding treasure to accumulate experience, gold, and various other resources (such as Daru and Kyanite). In the strategy portion, players upgrade Buildings (costs Gold and has cooldown timer), and collect resources.

Wartune has loads of features but Level locked. As an MMO, the game has several multiplayer activities, such as World Bosses (Lv 20), cooperative multiplayer adventuring (Lv20), PVP battles (Lv 13), small-scale battles over gold mines and minor looting attacks on other players’ cities.


Proficient City version of this game entered open beta on the morning of August 13, 2012. While some players were surprised when their characters were deleted at the end of the suspiciously public “closed beta”, their experience will most likely not be repeated.


TOP 5 Free Games You Actually Don’t Want To Play!

What are these 5 Games that I actually don’t want to play? It ranges from games that taking too much time to finish, games that giving no clue, laggy games, or simply do not have enough players to be playing with. Let’s take a look on the five games that is not worth to play anymore!

The first one is a King’s Tale Final Fantasy XV Games which was published by Square Enix. This game’s character, the enemies and the scene looks very old, you will face a lot of enemy waves, a lot of it that it doesn’t seems to end any time soon than what I’m thinking.

kingstaleWell, you will die a lot also and get revived but it doesn’t matter because the enemy get strong, they will block your attack, and it doesn’t seem you can increase any weapon or character’s stats here. And even when I use magic, I will not have enough MANA to get my magic up again. It’s definitely one game I won’t be playing anymore.


The second one is ABZU. ABZU is absurd and it’s just about exploring the ocean, riding fishes, and finding things to get more explore area.

abzu Moreover, the significant thing I don’t like here is that the control is sucks, when I have to move up, actually you need to move your sticks down and the reverse if you need to move down, but it’s really annoying for me to move like this. There is also no MAPS here, the most important feature for any “explore” games.


The third one is Adventure Capitalist. Actually this is one of my most addictive games I play on PS4, but then I have to move to it’s mobile version, because I can’t do a damn thing here.

adventurecapitalistAll things get stuck when you try to click any button especially when you want to click other area (Mars and Moon). It keeps me wondering if they already stop production of this game. That’s the only reason I’m done with this game in PS4 console.



The fourth one is one of Ubisoft game that is Airmech Arena. Simple thing why this game annoyed me is that it took long hour to even clear out 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, and 3 vs 3 a match game. When you level up, your enemy also level up and we just wondering for 30 minutes to kill each other and to claim a barrack.

airmecharena.jpgThe concept is great, you need to level up to use ability, occupy and win most of the bases/barracks and you just need to continue moving forward to kill enemies in the way until you win. It’s definitely not my game, I really don’t like waiting and spend too much time on this absurd battle.

The last one is Drawn to Death. From the beginning, this game seems fun, but I thought it will be like a scary games that what I draw will decide my fate of death or alive. Then I’m a little bit relieved since it’s not another “scary movie”. This game has the multi player mode, but I really wondering if is there any enough players to play the multi player mode.


The story and the conversations in the game seems like a dry jokes, but the battle is not bad at all. If it’s not because of lack of people in multi player mode, I would love to play this game longer. Waiting for 10 minutes searching for players online seems too much to me so I will not play this game anymore.


Achieving High Level From Start!

Hollow Realization is the 3rd series of Sword Art Online, which was developed by Aquria and published by Bandai Namco in Japan on October 2017, and the following months in other countries. The first series of Sword Art Online is Hollow Fragment which then followed by Lost Song.

The Protagonist in this video game is Kirito where in the beginning meeting an NPC and receive messages. Reki Kawahara as the creator of Sword Art Online has been supervised the making of these series, including the original story telling. This game is the massive expansive world with multiplayer mode, and 16 character teams, which gets you through fierce battles with monster bosses.

The main game in Hollow Realization is named Warriors of the Sky. After completing the main game, you can proceed with the season pass DLCs which is Abyss of the Shrine Maiden.


This will include 2 chapters : Chapter 1 : Explorer of Illusory Mists. What’s NEW here? You will travel to Vulcanus Citadel and explore new areas, level caps will raised to 100, and you will be able to acquire new high ranks skill with Asuna, Silica, Lisbeth, and Premiere by completing the new heroine quests. Chapter 2: Tuner of Causality. There will be addition of Kizumel and Argo’s co-sleeping events. Here you will have fuse and astral to even increase your character’s stats. It is my suggestion to buy the Season Pass, which definitely will give you boost on any characters you create.

There’s definitely a large amount of quests or redundant quests, and all these quests will, makes your characters grows stronger. It’s seriously small grows over time but it’s still fun to do ^.^. Well, but the good news is that they publisher actually provides you with Instant Level 80 character, which is come in handy defeating all these monsters.

Players can always roaming around the world but just doing the story would be great to progress because there’s actually a lot of things will be revealed in the DLCs. I think I’m pretty much enjoy this game, well the sad thing maybe just for me, in the beginning of the game when I choose the female character instead of Kirito, the voice still the male Kirito.


Horizon Zero Dawn The END of The NEW Beginnings!

Horizon Zero Dawn is an Action RPG video game which was developed by Guerrilla Games under Sony IE, and released in 2017. This is among other PS4 game is the best graphic that video game has, and it keep me wondering … if a “limited” resource company such Guerrilla (as their statements among medias) could do something this beautiful, why not the big companies with their full resources like GTA-V.


The protagonist of the game is Aloy, basicly a child living as an outcast. She was described as a hunter and an archer. Sure as hell, in the beginning, I never like the idea of ARCHER to do DPS on enemies, but well , I’m wrong. She’s still a badass. She was a mock around the village and has been in training for years under her caretaker.

Then it comes the day, she prove her worthy by participating in a test. This test, the proving ground, will get rid of her status as an outcast, and she did it.


Robots has been the dangerous creatures in the world when a grown-up girl trying to seek for her true identity. The story flow is really awesome, until she finds herself in an awe of her true identity. IGN, Trusted Review and GameSpot all gives 9/10 scores and when it comes to the selling itself, it has broken record as the second best selling PlayStation 4 video games with more than 3 million copies sold.

To make the game more challenging, level varies from simple story to ultra hard. When millions players already finished the main story, the creator of Horizon Zero Dawn released the DLC, Frozen Wild back in November 2017, and excited of the DLC, I delete my save file and literally play again the main story from beginning so I can get the flow of it.

I think it will be much more challenging this way. I think I have not touch this game for a few months while still installing the updates every time it requires.


Uncomfortable Moments in Nier Automata!

Nier Automata is action RPG developed by Platinum Games and published under Square Enix for PlayStation 4, the same producer that creates Final Fantasy XV and Assasins’s Creed.

What i don’t like about Nier are :

  1. My first impression because i saw a video that showing the angle from top, so the characters looks mini, and it’s just don’t feel comfortable to play this kind of game.
  2. Due to awesome ratings, I decided to play the game, and I ended up regrets it because i can’t see the female character because of the top angle view, so after a scene playing the game i decided to give up and just put it off.
  3. Few months passed and i decided to play the game again only after i’m done with Persona 5 which really took hundreds of hours to finish. And, lets just do it, I am boring so i don’t have a choice. Then, its BOOM! I like it.


So then, it comes with, what i like about Nier are :

  1. 2B. I mean look at her! She has awesome fashion, mystery and sexiness.
  2. I will always use auto for combat and well I really don’t like hard challenges when it comes to a game, but of course if its still manageable i will do it, but if its not, I will not do it … and that’s what happen with FFXV Secret Dungeon, I don’t want to come back and challenge that dungeon anymore. It sucks!!!
  3. I always a fan of Upgrading Max Equipments or Items. I want to upgrade those Chips, and get all Pods and Weapon, cause that will get me my Trophy also.

Nier is as bad as its good rating. I mean, even though I love this game, there are moments when I hate it. Here are my Top Annoying Moments in Nier Automata :

  • I SOLD A CHIP. Yes, that’s just fucking unbelievable, 2B died and I have to Restart the Game, but Geez, I was saved by my Manual Save.
  • PARADE QUESTS. There is this PARADE QUEST, that need me to GUARD those robots going on Parade/Protest or something I don’t quite remember lol. It sucks, I don’t quite strong enough to kill all enemies quickly. Then I ended up finishing the quest after the Game End.
  • DESERT PHOTOGRAPH. I have to go to this dessert outside the boundaries, and been trying to passed but the wind was just so strong, until I have an idea to just going around it. Well, that’s a relieve after I saw the most beautiful place in Nier Automata, I came to a place with very relaxing views.

  • CAVE CLIFF. I have been wondering for some times to get to this location and succeed the “Lord of Valley” mission. It turned out that the place is deep down the cliff. I was just mesmerizing by my efforts to find this place. Then what happen next also not enjoyable, with Level 26, I have to kill a Level 50 robot, and I don’t get anything good loots from this robot. But hey , I found my best fishing spot.
  • CYPRESS STICK CHEST. This is the most annoying chest. Its just … man, I’m trying for 1 hour to get the chest.


Building Your Best Team in Pro Evolution Soccer Club Manager!

Pro Evolution Soccer Club Manager, or we can call it PESCM is a club management game which has been downloaded by more than 20 million users around the world. Other features are, the team data is using 2016/17 real season plays.


It has different languages also that you can change. There is also 3D graphic when playing this game or you can just go score by score game, but you can’t skip the game.

In this game, you will face different seasons, and also CUPS, and all about this game is building your stadium, purchase, selling, retiring players. Yes, your players will age, no matter you bought them with real money in the store.

When it comes to the play itself, here are my suggestions :


  • Everybody buy player here, this is definitely a pay to play, but well you can get low free players from the scout system.
  • Change the strategy during the play
  • Always do the player training and focus on teamwork, because in the end its automatic playing so to make good use of AI control then make ur teamwork good.
  • Make sure to upgrade all building to get better revenue and check your finance balance or you will end up defisit in the end of a season.
  • Retiring your old or ineffective players after getting them in Hall of Fame, that can gives you boost or even you can sell them on a high price.



How to Level Up Fast in Chaos Chronicle!

Chaos Chronicle is a mobile MMORPG which has many heroes collection and game modes. Starting from Grey to Purple heroes that indicate the rarity with different stars’ status that indicate how extent is the upgrade for those heroes. In this game you can create your team strategically with combination of those heroes, and on top of that also equipping heroes with best gear is a must resulting in easy sweep on every level.


This game has various modes when it comes to the battle. Adventure brings you standard campaign which able to give you gold, equip and heroes. PVP bring you the thrill of climbing ranks, including PVP brawl and Guild Battle. Raids on bosses gives you rare items. And also there are dungeons, like Manatech Tower, Daily Dungeon, Gloran Palace Coliseum.


Put always the best gear on your best heroes, just be warn that heroes has different stats: the strength and the weakness which combined in elemental factor.

Here are my suggestion when playing this game :


  • Level up hero with the same elemental heroes, it will give you better exp synthesis.
  • Max your stats when a hero level up, also look for enhancement crest and where to get them in the campaign.
  • Clear up the missions everyday and use item to get more gold, equip/crest or heroes in campaign that state the specific title “gold”, “equip” and “heroes” so you can gain more rather than equipping the items in level that does not state 3 of those.
  • Use tickets to sweep many times on a level which you need items to enhance your gear or heroes. Nexon are generous of giving these tickets.