Like its name, Guns Up is a weaponized military “little guy” strategy game in PS4 platform. It’s another FTP (free-to-play) game if you are a PS Plus member. In simple words, this game is about building and strengthening your base, develop your army, defending your base, and attacking other player bases. If you win you get Perks, Cash, and Achievements to even further increasing your base and army. If you lose, then you will simply not get any of those.

The fun facts about this game is when you attack players ,don’t look at the title stars of the enemies, simply look at what’s in the base they have? Do they have air defenses? Veterans? or Anything that can’t be easily beaten? Nightmare players title should not be the one that makes you avoid to attack their bases. If you plan correctly (See my videos for further game play), then you can beat them easily.

Meanwhile other players that you underestimate which has only few stars, you might not be able to defeat them at all in the end because of wrong strategy. In the game, you will see these features : Barrack, Cards/Perks, Mission.

  1. Barrack consists of your army with its different weapons. A few of them are Commando, Chemiest, Bombardier, Mercenary.
  2. There are 3 ways you can equip Cards.
    • First, equip the cards on your army
    • Second, equip the attack Cards in your Card Slot when you attack a base, and
    • Last, equip the Commando Cards in your Barrack which is for your defense.
  3. There are also missions that updated regularly and able to grant you a decent amount of cash for upgrading your base if you able to execute it. But if you are unable to do it, you can always use Gold to change the missions. Warning : the missions are random, when you use gold, even the description is “Skip Mission”, it does not mean you “Finish” the mission, it only mean the mission will be skip and “change” to other mission which can be easier or difficult. It’s random anyway.
  4. There is also alliance in the game that you can choose to join which allow you to have alliance battle that grants you decent rewards.

My final words :

  • Its a strategy game, so when attacking players choose wisely and don’t be so cheap about equipping cards to battle, because anyway losing is not an option in battle, soldier!!
  • Place your defense strategically so it would cover air attack, and massive amount of enemies coming to destroy your base. I remember attacking a player which has very good snipers, and it cost me halve army to make further move.
  • Attack more players to level up is important. Leveling up will unlock more features including building points, and different type of army.


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