10 Second Ninja X is pretty much a truly hardcore game which need good strategy and fast fingers to complete all the levels of the game, because you need to calculate every step you make and has to be precise and timely. A single mistake is too much mistakes they says.

Expect many mistakes and get it over and over again until you succeed. The concept itself is pretty simple : Kill All of the Enemies in 10 Second, then you will be able to beat the game.

Yet, this is not as easy as it’s concept, you will experience a frustrating runs on any level. This is my second game which need me to do it fast. The first one is when I play Persona 5. There is a mini game sounds like mortal combat thing, which need you to be precise doing the rotation of button in your PS 4 stick. It does took me an hour to be able to pass it.

Finally I get the Golden Finger Trophy. I think I have all my trophy in Persona 5, and other game like 80% or 90%, but this 10 Second Ninja X, I doubt I will get trophy more than 20%, because this game has 100 level and to get 3 stars on every level is unbelievably too hard.

At one day, I retry a level 20 times and still not able to pass it. When I first saw this game in PS 4, i was thinking Ninjas are cool, they are always cool, but at another day, I get to pass a few level and I was thinking, this game is not too bad. The levels are Do Able.

Take your challenge with friends and families is the best thing to do, comparing score and achieving new score is very much exhilarating. Surely if you like this kind of game, it will be a satisfaction when you can pass a level where other people fail.


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