The First Alien game I ever play is Alien Shooter on PC few years ago. It has its simplicity and only 2 characters with equipped weapon ranges from a pistol until fire shooter. I think Alien Shooter is great already until I meet Alienation. Housemarque developed this shooter RPG game and finally releases in April 2016.

The game itself has 3 characters you can choose, they are Bio-Specialist, Tank, and Saboteur. Each of them equipped with different sets of abilities. By increasing your level, you gain ability points which you can use to upgrade those abilities.

What you need to do in this game is you will have to go co-op with other players online to make some areas easier to win. But a suggestion to you is that in the beginning you have to spent some time to go solo easier area to get your level up and finding legendary weapon that will give you comfort to go further. To improve your chance to get legendary item you need to destroy 3 spawn place to get a boost, but if you die before you get to the extraction point, the boost will reset to zero, so please watch your health and think your move before making forward to unexplored area.

What you can expect from this game is surprise horde that can come at any time, so equip your character with proven area attack abilities is a must.

The scenarios in this game are divided into 2 place, called World 1 and World 2. Suggestion made is to increase your level and abilities enough around level 30 before moving to World 2 because the enemy level will be higher than your current level and chance of having legendary is the same as in World 1.

It’s a Grinding game, so just be patient and surely you will be strong enough to take down higher level enemies or tough bosses, therefore when you decided to move to World 2, it’s much better to do co-op, but of course if you confident enough in yourself, it’s challenging to do solo.

World 2 is much interesting rather than World 1. Here you can get periodic quests that provided you with items, and also mission such as Ark Ship is very thrilling to do.

Beside that Alienation through its shop in PS4 also gives you the opportunity to start at level 15 in World2, but to my experience i don’t think it’s needed to do, since even you have legendary weapon with this purchase, the enemies still not easy to killed, but at least you have 15 level abilities points that you can spend to maximize your playing style.

My final words :

  • Do experiments with different type of characters. I usually use Tank because it’s give good defense for new players.
  • Join co-op online or hunt other players, you can deactivate or activate this choice in the option menu.
  • Don’t forget to collect loots, you need a lot of items to fuse and inlay to your weapon which give leverage against harder enemies.
  • You can see your history of killings and what type of enemies you killed, how many hours you play and etc in the option menu which gives you idea and support to play the game more.


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