BLADES OF BRIM is the most exciting runner game I have ever play. The first runner game I ever play is Temple Runner, then Subway Surfer. Both are great but I like this one better because of its simplicity and awesome graphic. It has various 8 heroes, many weapons, pets, armor and of course the power ups to increase different boosts and higher score bonus.

Max level of BRIM is level 30 which gives you 1200% score bonus affects, max heroes gets you 80%, max weapons gets you 416%, max armor gets you 535%, and max pets will gives you 110%. So currently in total you will have 2341% score bonus affects which is pretty great score bonus.

In addition to those bonus, level 30 is not necessarily the end game, because you are able to get Epic Chest as the reward if you complete 50 quests, and it might continue to another level with many quests also. Be noted that Epic Chests is worth 30,000 coins if you need to buy it from store and it guaranteed Epic Weapon, Pets or Armor which is not easy to get.

You might win Dragon-alike Pet which cost you 2,400 essences or $20-30.This games has 2 currencies, which is coins and essences, coin is merely to upgrade power ups, weapons and to buy chests on store. Coin is easy to get, but essence, you might not have the patient to wait for it.

Well, you can always buy essence from store with real money. Worth it or not, it depends on your sense of satisfaction. In a matter of playing the game itself, here are my suggestions :

  • Always try to do combo hits and using weapon that double your combo, namely Solar.
  • Be aware of events, and always do the events to get free stuffs. Some even requests seems impossible to get at designated time but it’s all up to you how many hours you want to get free stuffs.
  • Check on the free box you get in every 4 hours.
  • Make sure to use to connect with your friends so it will gives you motivation to do better to reach higher scores.


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