Castle TD is a strategy castle defense game which I think worth to play due to the simplicity in this game. You will start with 3 warriors character, a Wizard which has great skill, a Paladin which has high HP (hit points) and a Barbarian which has high damage.

The game itself has 4 different type of area : Normal, Hard, Mission, and Endless. You will begin at Normal area and after finishing normal area, you can proceeds to other 3 areas. Don’t worry if you are losing in a level, this game give you the opportunity to restart a wave by letting you to watch an ad.

They also allow you to watch ads and rewards you with crystals, the only item you needed to upgrade everything in the game.There area 4 props that can boost attacking, just be sure when to use them. 4 basic towers that can be upgraded to 8 levels which is very satisfying.

Beside that all 15 maps with awesome graphic, 15 levels mission, and you can also do the arena mode to play against players all over the world. Here are my suggestion when it come to play the game itself :

  • Buy the crystal! You can get 48,000 crystals for USD 4.99 *on discount event.
  • Always check on Free Crystal over for watching ads.
  • Use your mana strategically, only use it when you had a high chance to kill massive enemies in one shot, meaning dropping whatever props to orc with healers in the horde is not a nice move, unless you are confident enough to kill the healers there.
  • Place the slow tower strategically.


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