DomiNations is a strategy game of conquest along with exploration and advancement through civilization. Pick any Nation (British, Chinese, French, Germans, Greeks, Japanese, Koreans, or Romans) you want and lead them to victories from a simple Stone Age until a Space Age.

Unlike Samurai Siege or Clash of Clan, I prefer this game just because of the players attacking my base is not so often like in SS or COC. In those last mention, if you idle for a few minutes, once you get back in the game, what you see first is attack history, and its so often, and you lose so many resources and make a new player give up immediately.

In DomiNations, I can even go for days, and when i get back in, there are only few attacks. There are Two battle modes, which are campaign and multiplayer. Campaign is great to experiment with attack strategy, it gives rewards but not in significant amount.

Meanwhile Multiplayer is the mode you want to get into many times. If you pick right, you can loot so many resources just from one player.There is a store in the game which give you access to buy crowns or resources (gold, food, and oil) which is very significant to upgrade your Academy, Troops. and Tactics.

The army itself very different with every other nations and it’s your choice to make.Beside that, the store also consist of “Economy” tab which you can build your base foundation such as House, Roads, Mills, Farm, etc. “Defense” tab provide you with Tower, Catapult, Garrison, Stable , etc. “Army” tab provide you with Factory, Mercenary Camp, Barrack, Blacksmith, etc. While “Wonders” tab gives you the chance to build one Wonder which gives you different boosts on the nation you build.

It can range from Attacker boost, Food boost, Army boost, etc.This game is practically easy and addicted since you can have easy resource and build your advance civilization. Currently, I am at level 107 and there is experience points that increase in line with your any upgrade on the base and attacking other bases.

In DomiNations, I can bring a General to battle and well I only care for the resources and not for the 3-stars thingy, because I have to go through some strategies to defeat bigger bases which is not my purpose since I’m at early base growth. As in other strategy games, you will get enough resources in the early stages, but when you get stronger, it’s somehow the resources is never enough unless you pay for it.

Here, you can choose any nation and also the Wonders, but you also able to choose to change Nations or Wonders, that you will not have playing Samurai Siege. There’s also library and magic spell also like in Samurai Siege, which also gives you great boost to increase your attack. If any enemies you deploy to attack, survives, they can come back to your village.

Here are my suggestion when it come playing the game :

  • Increase your food and gold production in the beginning. It will be pay-off in later game.Focus on attacking multiplayer with abundant resources, it’s all right if you lose, just get the resources fast, and focus the resources on upgrading army.
  • Level up the other upgrade that cut down process, and always bring your General to battle to give you leverage.
  • Join alliance because there is strength in number. If you find yourself difficult to find players with abundant resources, lower your medal ranks.
  • Let the heavy units go right into the hardest defense and let archers to begin looting, simply put distraction to the enemy’s heavy units.

Looking at the loot you can get from these two games, you will probably get more in DomiNations rather than in Samurai Siege. In Samurai Siege, I will get attacked many times so that I will lack of resources to build my base. Every time I go offline, a few moments later there will always be players attacking my base, and I have to wait for their attack before I can come back to play. In DomiNations, I will get less attack and great loots (if I’m lucky enough).

Choose DomiNations, if competition is not your vigor, Samurai Siege is very much intended for intense competition.


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