SAMURAI SIEGE is a highly addictive combat Strategy adventure with over 3 million players worldwide. To put it simply, Samurai Siege is about building base and attacking other castles, similar to clash of clan, castle clash and many others.

Building the base will need so much time while you do not get much resources, and the attacks on your castle will go on and on. This is happened mostly to not serious player, but if you focus on this game, waiting for resources, shield your castle and battle many, you will succeed to has higher castle with sophisticated defense and troops.

In my game play you can see I do a lot attacking bases, and sometimes I only use archer, a wall breaker, and ninja to find for the resources. In both games, I tend to use these troops and formation.

Simply having 3 million coins and essence is not enough since the upgrades of magic scrolls and also the army is too much resources. But well, some players are awesome to get a cheat for the unlimited resource if they didn’t get banned first.

Talking about depression and disappointment at the games, one day, I lost 7 million resources and that shut me down a bit, which is sucks because I am not very active in this game, so usually I just come in game, do all the attacks, get the resource then log off.

Free players and Money players are always be there in this type of games, also some cheaters to get more resources without battle. You can lead an army of highly-trained Samurai, Ninjas, “Beasts” to defeated players.

These type of games really need patient to get stronger and consistent to check in daily. In the end with consistency and patient, players will catch up with they who pay or cheat. So yes, it’s time consuming! Try to go offline for days, you will be out of a clan in no time. Clans are also competitive since there are quite great clan’s competition. Some people would go for 2-3 years until they get enough of it, some in few weeks.

Some high players’ defense seems impossible to destroy, but its all about tactic, placement and focus. What best to destroy some defense might not work if you do not pay attention to the traps, blank space, and guardians. In overall, its fun multiplayer combat strategy game.

My suggestion for this kind of game is

  • Increasing the resource and be active in alliance battle since it’s source of abundant resources.
  • When it came to attacking player, always look for a blind spot that not covered by many defenses, be careful it can be a trap.


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