Horizon Zero Dawn is an Action RPG video game which was developed by Guerrilla Games under Sony IE, and released in 2017. This is among other PS4 game is the best graphic that video game has, and it keep me wondering … if a “limited” resource company such Guerrilla (as their statements among medias) could do something this beautiful, why not the big companies with their full resources like GTA-V.

The protagonist of the game is Aloy, basicly a child living as an outcast. She was described as a hunter and an archer. Sure as hell, in the beginning, I never like the idea of ARCHER to do DPS on enemies, but well , I’m wrong. She’s still a badass. She was a mock around the village and has been in training for years under her caretaker.

Then it comes the day, she prove her worthy by participating in a test. This test, the proving ground, will get rid of her status as an outcast, and she did it.

Robots has been the dangerous creatures in the world when a grown-up girl trying to seek for her true identity. The story flow is really awesome, until she finds herself in an awe of her true identity. IGN, Trusted Review and GameSpot all gives 9/10 scores and when it comes to the selling itself, it has broken record as the second best selling PlayStation 4 video games with more than 3 million copies sold.

To make the game more challenging, level varies from simple story to ultra hard. When millions players already finished the main story, the creator of Horizon Zero Dawn released the DLC, Frozen Wild back in November 2017, and excited of the DLC, I delete my save file and literally play again the main story from beginning so I can get the flow of it.

I think it will be much more challenging this way. I think I have not touch this game for a few months while still installing the updates every time it requires.


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