Hollow Realization is the 3rd series of Sword Art Online, which was developed by Aquria and published by Bandai Namco in Japan on October 2017, and the following months in other countries. The first series of Sword Art Online is Hollow Fragment which then followed by Lost Song.

The Protagonist in this video game is Kirito where in the beginning meeting an NPC and receive messages. Reki Kawahara as the creator of Sword Art Online has been supervised the making of these series, including the original story telling. This game is the massive expansive world with multiplayer mode, and 16 character teams, which gets you through fierce battles with monster bosses.

The main game in Hollow Realization is named Warriors of the Sky. After completing the main game, you can proceed with the season pass DLCs which is Abyss of the Shrine Maiden.

This will include 2 chapters : Chapter 1 : Explorer of Illusory Mists. What’s NEW here? You will travel to Vulcanus Citadel and explore new areas, level caps will raised to 100, and you will be able to acquire new high ranks skill with Asuna, Silica, Lisbeth, and Premiere by completing the new heroine quests. Chapter 2: Tuner of Causality. There will be addition of Kizumel and Argo’s co-sleeping events. Here you will have fuse and astral to even increase your character’s stats. It is my suggestion to buy the Season Pass, which definitely will give you boost on any characters you create.

There’s definitely a large amount of quests or redundant quests, and all these quests will, makes your characters grows stronger. It’s seriously small grows over time but it’s still fun to do ^.^. Well, but the good news is that they publisher actually provides you with Instant Level 80 character, which is come in handy defeating all these monsters.

Players can always roaming around the world but just doing the story would be great to progress because there’s actually a lot of things will be revealed in the DLCs. I think I’m pretty much enjoy this game, well the sad thing maybe just for me, in the beginning of the game when I choose the female character instead of Kirito, the voice still the male Kirito.


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