What are these 5 Games that I actually don’t want to play? It ranges from games that taking too much time to finish, games that giving no clue, laggy games, or simply do not have enough players to be playing with. Let’s take a look on the five games that is not worth to play anymore!

The first one is a King’s Tale Final Fantasy XV Games which was published by Square Enix. This game’s character, the enemies and the scene looks very old, you will face a lot of enemy waves, a lot of it that it doesn’t seems to end any time soon than what I’m thinking.

Well, you will die a lot also and get revived but it doesn’t matter because the enemy get strong, they will block your attack, and it doesn’t seem you can increase any weapon or character’s stats here. And even when I use magic, I will not have enough MANA to get my magic up again. It’s definitely one game I won’t be playing anymore.

The second one is ABZU. ABZU is absurd and it’s just about exploring the ocean, riding fishes, and finding things to get more explore area.

Moreover, the significant thing I don’t like here is that the control is sucks, when I have to move up, actually you need to move your sticks down and the reverse if you need to move down, but it’s really annoying for me to move like this. There is also no MAPS here, the most important feature for any “explore” games.

The third one is Adventure Capitalist. Actually this is one of my most addictive games I play on PS4, but then I have to move to it’s mobile version, because I can’t do a damn thing here.

All things get stuck when you try to click any button especially when you want to click other area (Mars and Moon). It keeps me wondering if they already stop production of this game. That’s the only reason I’m done with this game in PS4 console.

The fourth one is one of Ubisoft game that is Airmech Arena. Simple thing why this game annoyed me is that it took long hour to even clear out 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, and 3 vs 3 a match game. When you level up, your enemy also level up and we just wondering for 30 minutes to kill each other and to claim a barrack.

The concept is great, you need to level up to use ability, occupy and win most of the bases/barracks and you just need to continue moving forward to kill enemies in the way until you win. It’s definitely not my game, I really don’t like waiting and spend too much time on this absurd battle.

The last one is Drawn to Death. From the beginning, this game seems fun, but I thought it will be like a scary games that what I draw will decide my fate of death or alive. Then I’m a little bit relieved since it’s not another “scary movie”. This game has the multi player mode, but I really wondering if is there any enough players to play the multi player mode.

The story and the conversations in the game seems like a dry jokes, but the battle is not bad at all. If it’s not because of lack of people in multi player mode, I would love to play this game longer. Waiting for 10 minutes searching for players online seems too much to me so I will not play this game anymore.


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