Nioh is a samurai action role-playing video game which developed by Team Ninja and published under Koei Tecmo. This game is not your every easy game, but if you remember playing Dark Soul, it’ that’s kind of game.

You will die a lot here and redo the missions, perfecting your sword skills, timing and patient. I rarely a patient guy, but through this game I become enlightened and be so calm in my life. Well, not really!

This game just gives you headache every time you get killed by only a single cut and you short of any health items. Onryoki is the first boss in Nioh which at the very first stage of this game I already have difficulty.

When I’m at my desperate life of gaming this, I watch some player’s gameplay and he/she is so amazing. He/she master sword and easily challenge high level enemies. I’m so envy, but that’s what pushed me to try again killing the big bad bald monster, Onryoki.

You know what? The feeling when I FINALLY succeed killing it/him is enormous. It’s really give me the kick to move further to in the game. This kind of game really makes you think! and not just playing for fun only, but the fun which come later kind of compensates for my troubles defeating this game.

I’m always a frontal guy whether it’s life or in game. But, you never get where you are in gaming when you only trust your “muscle”. It’ not an easy game as Mafia III or Knack.

What I learned is that I can defeat enemy very easy using timing attack, and if I master my dodge skills, this helps a lot. Another thing I learn is you don’t always have to face enemies, you can just sneak out to your main objective, unless you want to do the grinding.

Just like in Bloodborne, whenever you die, your souls item will be at the place you die previously, just go there and retrieve them. But the word “just go there” really not easy thing to do, the enemies will respawned but once again, now you know your path to the place and you can just avoid all those monsters.

Remember also that you can’t just hold on to one weapon to kill all enemies, some enemies weak to specific weapon so you just have to exploit that to kill them.  You will be able to use guns, arrow, spear, sword etc to do the killing.

Don’t worry about how far you will go in this game! Take your time! I was at Tower of London for weeks because I’m too tired getting killed. So it’s really one step at a time to make it through every story missions.


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