Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is a tactical shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Paris and published by Ubisoft. It was released worldwide in March 2017, as the 10th installment in the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon franchise and the first game the series to feature an open world environment.

The game moves away from the futuristic setting introduced in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and instead feature a setting similar to the original Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon. Ubisoft described it as one of the biggest open world games that they have published, with the game world including a wide variety of environments such as mountains, forests, deserts, and salt flats.

As a tactical shooter game, it played from a third-person perspective with an optional first person view for gun aiming. Players play as members of the Delta Company, First Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group, also known as “Ghosts”, a fictional elite special operations unit of the United States Army under the Joint Special Operations Command.

The equipment featured in the game is based on weapons and gear commonly used by military forces around the world. However, it features some original equipment, such as drones that can be used to tag enemies and show objectives. These drones have limited abilities until upgraded.

As an open world environment, it consists of nine different types of terrain. Completing missions during day-time allows players to spot enemies easily, while completing missions at night grants players a tactical advantage, as the night offers players better concealment and easier infiltration due to some guardsmen being asleep.

Players are tasked with making observations before carrying out missions. A variety of vehicles, such as dirt bikes, helicopters and dune buggies are featured in the game.

When completing missions, players can reach the location where the mission starts through a variety of ways. Players can parachute from a helicopter, walk overland, or drive towards their objectives. Players are allowed to use multiple ways to complete objectives, such as utilizing stealth, melee combat, or using long-ranged or short-ranged weapons provided in the game. The game also features outposts that can be taken down by players.

Players can grab enemies at close range with one hand for defense as human shields, while using the other hand to shoot. When not completing missions, players can interact, and build friendly or hostile relationships with other non-playable characters, such as the citizens, officials or the rebels of the world.

These interactions require strategy, as interactions will bring consequences and impact the game’s world, and change how players can achieve their objectives. Players can also gain experience points to level up. The playable character can be customized, and loot found on enemies’ corpses can be equipped by player characters. Weapons and gear can be upgraded as well.

Each of the 21 areas on the map is controlled by a buchon, who is also associated with one of four divisions of the cartel’s operations: Influence, Security, Production and Smuggling. Clearing missions in an area and collecting key intel unlocks missions where players can target a buchon and eliminate him or her by killing or capturing the target. Eliminating enough buchones in an operations division allows players to target that division’s underboss, and eliminating that underboss and all of the buchones in an operations division leaves the division head vulnerable. Capturing this division head cripples and destabilizes the division and makes the cartel boss more vulnerable.

It features cooperative multiplayer mode, in which players can be joined by up to three other players to explore the game’s world and to complete campaign missions. The game can also be played solo, in which the player will be accompanied by three AI teammates, which the player can give orders to. Players can level up through multiplayer gameplay which enables them to improve the different class of characters available. 

This is the first game I like in the Tom Clancy’s series. I have another series of the Tom Clancy’s, and I just found out that the series already begun in 2001, so it’s been 16 years which I haven’t even played the 2001’s first series. At a first glance, this game is pretty much decent, currently with 3 DLCs, the Narco Road and the Fallen Ghosts, but the main game still my favorite.

Players are complaining about the Narco Road, and I don’t touch it in few weeks, because at some point, the control sucks and the mission is tough, following a helicopter while maintaining distance is quite sucks. I think for some players, this DLC still a challenge and enjoyable game.

Meanwhile Fallen Ghost is a military technical shooter video game which is very simple and you can use the guns, but you will be much more use of the snipers’ gun, and it’s fun enough to kill enemies miles away.

Lately I have discovered 100% province and with their continuing updates, I have completed 19 provinces, 106 missions, collected 204 files, 71 weapons and 66 achievements. What an achievements! and many hours of playing.

I hope they make expansion on this main game, not a new DLC. New Maps would be much great. In the combat system, we control 3 other AI, which can mark any enemies in an area, so we can kill four enemies or maximum five enemies if you get fast enough. With this game, you definitely should do the coops, it’s fun and more fun when you doing it with your friends.


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