Infamous First Light is an action video game released by Sucker Punch Production and published under Sony for PlayStation 4 platform. It was announced in 2014 at an entertainment expo, and was released on August 2014.

It’s been around few years since that, and this is my review on the game. I have played the Infamous Second Son first which is a great experience on the game series. Maybe they will release other series later in the future, but who knows?

Comparing these two series maybe not fair enough because there is some depth in each series, even though, both series has short story missions. Both of them really put much emotion in the series. IFL’s emotion as the protagonist lose her brother, and ISS’s emotion as the protagonist try to find cure for her grandmother after a bloody encounter with special military commander.

Both series using lights/neon as a source of the power, but it last much longer in ISS rather than in IFL. If you can’t control some of its power its not because of you can’t play the game, just need a boost in the training zone, and you will be good to go.

You will have accomplishments every time you complete a challenge by killing enemies with different skill sets and of course, will increase the points for upgrading your skills. Playing as Abigail Fetch Walker, you will embark on a journey to find the specific person who kill his brother.

There’s a moment of BLUR scenes where you will have to go with your instinct in killing enemies so you can’t see the enemies and it will end up with SHANE become the one who kill his brother. A Friend becoming an Enemy! Well, that also do in real life! XD

Scene after scene will reveal the pursuit of Shane which ended up in a cliff’s edge. There’s no a choice whether as a player I want to forgive Shane or Kill him. Too Bad, no twists or things like that. It’s purely ‘find and kill’ mission.

Few things I can conclude why this game worth 7.0 score.

  • Quite quick story with almost no challenge at all in completing all scenes in one-sit.
  • No unpenetrable or ‘too hard to kill’ bosses/enemies. Your skills upgrade you obtain during the story missions are enough to get you through the end of the story.
  • Arena is quite a challenge. You will get much to upgrade your skill there and also fly around in the city.
  • Some side missions, like capturing a drone is quite challenging, but not necessarily a good missions, still it gives upgrade points so, it’s worth the troubles.
  • Unlike Mafia III with high auto-aim. No such thing here, you still have to manually direct your character to a bunch of enemies’s positions.


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