Vikings Wolves of Midgard is a role-playing game which is set in the fantasy world inspired by the Norse mythology. It was released by Calypso Media for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux and of course PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It was released on March 24 2007.

When I first bought this game, I thought it’s pretty much easy, simple and fascinating game, seems like an MMORPG, but there is no multiplayer here. Anyway, you can have one player to accompany you to do the chores. The developer itself states that there is no plan for local co-op but later local cop will be added to the PS 4 version of the game so if you play on other platform, you will not be able to do the coop.

In the main missions of this game, basically you have to go to a ship and going forward to an area which is different area every time. The main story itself is very short, but you can play a new game plus with, of course, the higher difficulty.

In every mission, look at the right corner of the screen, you will see the requirements to fully complete a mission, such as obtaining iron skulls, destroying huts, also try to get all the chests, and if a chest lies in very secluded area, you have to be careful to take a detail look in your area so you will get the requirements completed.

You will be equipped with special weapons like what I have in the game play is one-handed weapon with a shield, but actually there are some higher DPS weapon such as sickle and two-handed axe. When you create a character here, you can choose one of five classes, you can’t change class inside the game, but you should choose a class in your character’s creation.

Also if you look at the left corner, you will see your skills,. You can activate the skills in the menu. Skills are really related to the weapon you use. I use one-handed weapon and already increase some skills on it, and when I change weapon to axe for example, I can’t use the skills I have activated before in one-handed weapon skills tree.

The battle system is so simple, when you swing your weapon you will see a red color covering your enemies it means that your weapons is directed to the enemies so it’s automatically killing your enemy, and you will always encounter some obelisks that will granted you temporary boosts.

The game play is similar to Diablo in which the players create their own character as the as in this game. You will have other side quests also beside the main story quests, and of course there are some puzzles to open doors but it’s not as complicated as the Dragon Inquisition’s puzzles. You will need a lot of Bloods also from killing enemies to get your skills upgrade.

What I love about this game are :

  • Woman’s character. Well, I will always create woman’s characters in every game. It’s just sexy! XD.
  • It has really easy control, you can double kill it and sometimes you can do ultimate kills.
  • The Legendary items are not hard to get.
  • It has awesome skills. When you upgrade it, it’s gonna be very fascinating how this skill actually killing the enemies with the ultimate greatness. It’s simple it’s not like the other game that actually style their skills just to looks awesome.

What I don’t like about this game are :

  • Fights can be hard because you will get stun easily when you are facing higher bosses or fights in the New Game+ with higher difficulty, and sometimes I’m not good at avoiding the enemies attacks.
  • The story is too short, it’s like the Infamous First Light. After you completing a game with the easy mode in the end of the story, just be careful because you might lose everything. I suggest you to put all your legendary items in the stash because when you go for a New Game+ or hard mode, you will need a lot of money to buy new equipments with higher DPS, so sell your equipments later in the hard mode.


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