I never saw Aranea smile so sweet in other parts of the game, and finally find it here. Prompto DLC is the 2nd DLCs of Final Fantasy XV which was released on June 27, 2017. At this time, Gladiolus DLC has been released, and even I would love to see Ignis DLC first rather than Prompto, this DLC not disappointing as Gladio DLC which is very short.

Prompto DLC starts at the scene of Prompto walking through bad winter and a flash back to what he was before as a child in the empire and when he grow up as part of the team. In no time, when he awake he ended up in a factory when he encountered Ardyn and do a little emotion chit-chat.

The action start when he exploring the factory, killing enemies with guns, stealth kills, bazooka then encountered Ardyn talked with Verstael, an old man, who call himself a father to Prompto.

Prompto emerged in a emotional situation then finally killed Verstael. With that death, Immortalis is awaken, and Aranea coming in the scene not to save Prompto at first but to find out about the factory.

Prompto has to escape the factory under the hunt from enemies along the way. After the escape, hear to heart talks with Aranea in the camp and the encounter fake Noctis showing him what he truly are.

Another interesting fighting you can find here is a fight with Barbarus. You will be able to equip yourself with some guns’ mode, specific Prompto skill with the help of Aranea.

After defeating Barbarus, prompto has to escape the factory under the hunt from Immortalis along the way. It’s a thrilling experience and remind you of FFXV Collaboration with Assassin’s Creed’s one of the minigame mode.

After defeating Immortalis, a conversation begins with Aranea, and the words what makes Aranea smile is when Prompto said “After all, it’s my life to live”, so i guess like any other ladies, Aranea loves grown-ups men afterall. LoL!


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