Just Cause 3 is an action-adventure video game which was developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Square Enix. It was announced on November 2013 as the 3rd installment in the game series.

In Just Cause 3, we follow a protagonist namely Rico Rodriguez and his homeland, Medici, a fictional Mediterranean Republic under the control of dictator General Sebastian Rebelo.

This game played from the 3rd person perspective which you can explore an open-world environment, gaining reputation and experience from conquering an area. If you know Far Cry with its Clutch Nixon thing, this game also has that kind of mode which is very much similar.

It has gain positive reviews from players and has been praised for the open-world game, even some critics was directed to the game’s narrative which some find this a little bit cliche.

The main feature in this game as you will see is the Grappling-Hook. Climbing is just as easy as it seems, but even you can grapple to almost anything, rather than walking, running or driving a car. By grappling-hook you can just move to other area faster than any of those mentioned before.

It has also an online competition about everything range from the longest hook you ever did, or jump, or using a parachute. It has various ranged weapons, such as missile launchers and shotguns, also items to finish your mission throughout areas.

There are 20 story missions beside the side missions which can satisfy your gaming experiences. To end the reign of enemies upon an area, you need to destroy a big statue and raise flags.


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