Dragon Quest Heroes II is a hack and slash game which is developed by the Omega Force and published under Square Enix for PS4, PS3, Vita, Nintendo, and Microsoft Windows. It’s originally released in Japan in 2016 and to the rest of the world in April 2017. This is the sequel of the previous installment.

It seems like one of the old video game at it’s lobby, but when you login into the game, the world is pretty much awesome. Is it a kid game? I was thinking of that, because of all of these cuteness overload by the characters. Look at their talking and mumbling it really sound that this game is intended for kids.

Players can move to other towns or to another area within the exploration Maps, the ultimate skill is pretty much great and awesome. This kind of reminded me of the same type of game like SAO Hollow Realization. But the different is that you can see here the graphic is pretty much deeper and the combination of technical skills is different with SAO HR.

But comparing both of them is not really much fair because both has different kind of playing style and don’t mistaken me, I love Sword Art Online Series. There is a definitive feature here, which is card monsters. After defeating a monster sometimes you will be able to loot a card monster which you can summon to help you in fighting enemies.

Sometimes you even change your appearance the same as the card monster, it doesn’t work on any monsters. Also you can switch between your character’s team mate. Say a character die, then you can just switch to others, but if all of them die, you will have to restart the mission or the fight.

You will be equipped with HP potions and also revive item, but they are rare, so use wisely. You can follow the story mission or any side missions and if that’s not enough you can accept hunts which will be limited but will recover over time. This is the best way to increase your experience points so you can increase your skills and stats.

There are also some character’s style that you can choose that will range from physical attack to magic attack. You can buy new weapons if the current fights too hard for you, the proficiency of each weapons will be increased the more you use them, so choose carefully your teammates, what skills should they have, what speciality should they learned and what weapons should they carry for the rest of their life.

You can work also on your accessories and armors upgrades which is accessible when you are in a safe distance from any combats, which is in town. Somewhere in this game, you will be stripped off your armor and weapons, and doing stealth is pretty much easy and directed so not a great of challenge.

Whenever you fight a large enemies, always try to find a tiny guy who open a gate so these enemies coming from it. It’s still an awesome game to try these days. It’s rarely to find any bad critics on this games.


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