The story of Infamous Second Son began as this : Seven years ago a small group of humans called conduits emerge which with the ability to manipulate and even weaponize a unique form of matter. The department of unified protection was formed to hunt down and indefinitely detain all conduits reclassified as bio terrorists to protect the population.

It’s now believed that all of them have been successfully captured and luckily as a result the department of unified protection is being phased out with the military operation assuming oversight of imprisoned terrorists. The first military transport operator is lifted to DUP detention facility station headed for an army prison in upstate Washington, never arrive at its destination.

Infamous Second Son is a computer game created by Sucker Punch production and distributed by Sony Computer Entertainment for PS4. It is the third installment of infamous series which was released worldwide on March 2014.

In fact, Infamous Second Son features is not so different with Infamous First Light. It basically take energy around the city and change them into ranged weapons that can be shot from both hands.

As its predecessor, this game has quite short story, so by the end of the story, you will wandering off the city to perform other side missions and even challenges to increase your stats or just to fulfill an achievement or trophy.

As you goes through missions controlling Delsin, the protagonist, you will find out the best of Infamous fights which including super dash, but don’t forgot to recharge your energy since it will be quite often depleted.


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