Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 of the Naruto Shippuden series is the sixth and the last portion of the ultimate ninja storm series which is created by CyberConnect2 and distributed by Namco Bandai Entertainments for PS4.

I was able to fight using Sasuke, Naruto and Guy Sensei. Even though my choice is Guy Sensei, but the other two really have a great skills and damage to the enemies. This basically a fighting involve 2 characters or players and instead of facing each others in a line, you basically can go 360 degrees to avoid and attack your enemies.

It also provided you with a switch to other team mates in some fights so it can give you an advantage when your HP is low or it seems difficult to defeat your enemy without combining the cooperative jutsu skills.

Each characters of course has its ultimate skills and also control combinations on those specific skills that you have to master before engaging in any combats. It’s also a fast-moving fighting game. If you ever fail to kill enemy in story missions, you can always redo again the fight with some choices, to restart the fight with the half hp but gain attack boost or full hp but normal attacks. Those kind of choices will be provided to you.

Talking about fights, if you manage to do the sequence or requirements that a fight has, you will be rewarded with great items also, an A or S is something you might want to keep so that you have high records in every fight. But if you get a C or D, you will be able to redo the fight anyway, so it’s manageable.

Actually, It has it’s mobile version but of course it will not be as complex as in consoles. It’s very simple and you can just do the auto attack. Well, since mobile version intended for you to make in-app purchase for summoning great teammates to ease any fights with enemies.


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