The Battle of Starwar is insanely amazing with these multiplayer game mode, from a standard 4vs4 pvp to 40vs40 fighting in a massive galactic assaults. It’s totally a game worth to play for first-timers and star wars’ fans.

Galactic Assault

In this mode, the battle will be focus on objective-based maps, which you play as one of the player of any team which consists of 40 players, a large-team oriented battle. Each battle will be in different locations based on random choice by AI. You can choose any soldiers among four trooper classes, and piloting your favourite vehicles to destroy other team players completely. When the battle gets tough, you will be able to call in the special units. At the end of the game, will you be the hero who win a battle or a loser?

Starfighter Assault

You will take any ships which are including fighters, bombers, interceptors, and hero ship. With this ships on hand, what you are going to do next is destroy other player’s team ships and define what so called victory. This is a space battle so be prepared to go nuts with controlling StarWars’ ships which is not really easy to handle at some points. As in Galactic assault, this is objective-based space battles with 24 players come in to play.

Heroes Vs Villains

In this mode, you will play any StarWars’ characters of your choice which range from Luke Skywalker to any other Jedi. It’s a four-on-four team battles, so the objective is killing all other four players on the opposite team. You can use character’s skills, guns, swords and any other weapons to finish them off. It’s kind of funny, even if you are in a team, there’s also a target player which you can attack or defend so if no communication, basically your teammate will also able to kill you.


This is my favourite multiplayer mode in StarWars. As in other mode, this one also an objective-based scenarios missions which you will be divided to two teams of eight players to complete the missions.


Blast actually a real close quarters combat which involves 20 players divided into two team which is not objective-based missions. The only objectives is to kill all other team’s players to reduce the numbers shown up in the screen by zero. It’s a really fast-paced battle, in short moment you will die and revive soon, until nothing to be killed.


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