Fallen Soul was developed by Teebik Inc. and can be played in mobile phone for free, of course there are always in-app items that you can purchase by real money. From the first impression, I bet people are hesitate to play this game because of the standard graphics, even though some players consider it poor graphics.

In this game, a powerful kingdom were ruled by 3 mighty races which are noble human, bloodthirsty orc and the mighty undead, and all of them are battling against the overpowered force of darkness. Heroes are needed to join the war and bring back the peace like it was before in the world.

Aside of the graphic, Fallen Soul is really an exciting and immersive MMORPG game with quite intense gameplay. You can travel this Fallen Soul’s world with a ranger, a mage or a warrior. Each of them has different stats and characteristic. Anyway I always use Mage because of the AOE, but for DPS, you will to put your bet on Warrior or Ranger.

What you can do in this game? Actually there are some interesting things to do, of course in the purpose of increasing level and stats.

You can join the PVP Arena, and climbing up rank for the better rewards and the satisfaction of becoming the strongest hero in the server.

You can band together with your friends to do the dungeons, defeating any powerful bosses, and getting a lot of rewards inside the dungeons. Beside the main story dungeons, it has also The Forbidden Area and Evil’s Revenge dungeons which you can loot many items, and don’t worry, you can use the auto clearing for free, but of course limited at some points.

You also able to join world boss raid with so many players, the World Boss Leviathan.

Make sure to join the alliance or guild, challenge the guild bosses and ask your fellow guildmates helps on any dungeons that is normally hard for you. There’s a strength in number.

You can equip yourself with legendary armors, weapons, which you can modifiy, upgrade, refine and even bless to make them stronger.

In the battle itself, you can be accompanied by three mercenaries at a time. You will also able to upgrade them to suit the dungeons requirements.

If you ever play Wartune, this game is closer to it. When you go in your castle mode, you can find upgrades on each buildings, levy for resources, and even build an army to defend it.

But the same as Wartune, the battle in this game is a fast-paced turn-based combat, which means , you can’t attack freely like in any MMORPG.

Last word, it’s definitely a great world of darkness, but it has great treasure to find, so enjoy gaming and comment below. Absolutely, thanks for reading!


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