So What is This Game? This game is not far from what we have experienced in Clash of Clan, Castle of Clash, Samurai Siege and even Dominations. Here you are required to build your own city buildings and manage all of the resources which you can obtain through battles or passive resources points.

To enjoy this game much more, you can hire, train and upgrade up to 10 different unit types, each one with their different characteristic, weakness and strength. At some points of the levelling and upgrading, you can battle any players around the world through the battle system.

Please also join any legion or guild, the more you can find powerful players in a legion, the more you are able to get great reinforcements and alwo winning the Legion Wars which really give great items for upgrading your city.

Alongside with your army, you can get blesses to increase the effectiveness of resource gathering until strengthening your army in battles. Like many other strategy games, you need to place wisely your buildings and defenses in the city, so that you will not be crushed easily by any players.

Well, it’s a long time consuming game to get at a point where you are strong enough, well-equipped, well-guarded, and well-upgraded. Food and Gold are the two main resources for upgrading and proceed to becoming one of the strong player.

Be warned, the higher your farm, the resources for upgrading is very expensive so it’s wise to get your city’s defense able to repel effectively all players’ attacks. Of course you can also speed up all upgrades using Crown which you can purchase by real money within the game’s shop.

Since this game need a lot of resources, what you can do is FARMING. It means, you should attacks players to get their resources only without losing much of your army. Well, it can be very tricky, but back then I only attack players where their resources is in open space with all my archers.

But to get these resources, it’s very random these days, and sometimes you can’t get enough resources just by attacking players, that’s where you can shortcut this process by purchasing resources using Crown, but I will not recommend it, well, because what’s to hurry? If you are owning your own guild, it’s also need a lot of Food and Gold to donate so you can upgrade your own guild.

The battle system itself is pretty much simple, when attacking, you just need to tap on any unit you want to deploy or tap the area which you want your army to start attacking, after that all is done auto where you can’t control the way they attack by means of evading archer tower. So it’s a bit disappointed that your army might focus on one building but they don’t have enough attack power to finish the building faster.

In overall, I like this game, and recommend you to play this, even though there are actually few things I want the developer to improve, which are, moving building seems confusing and hard to do, you are supposed to click and drag but sometimes it doesn’t work smoothly like in the Samurai Siege, and also the scrolling seems difficult and had to do it few times so I can get it right in the position that I want, this happen when you go to market or building lists.


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