Guardian Soul is RPG mobile game which was developed by Mobirix and has been downloaded more than 1 million. The game combines Real Time Strategy (RTS) and also the action RPG. At the first impression, it doesn’t looks like a good game, because it’s just the same as any other game model in the market, but I did really attracted to it’s simplicity and it has awesome way to evolve guardians.

The only thing annoying in this game is the guardian’s shouts!!! Hiya!! Hi….ya!! …. Hi … ya!!! They really should do much better in this nasty shouts LoL. As the game is very simple yet many missions, it has great speediness to jump from one mission to other mission, maybe because it doesn’t have the “awesome” graphics like any other game.

There are few things that this game has distinctive features than any other game.

It has variety of strategies to use in real time. What it can do? You need to tap and do the drag manually. It means you can control how to use these “tap” skills to deliver good blows to the harder enemies, beside that, there’s not much you can do, because your guardian will always kill the enemies and their numerous skills can be set up to auto.

The type of guardians are divided into three types, which are Tanker, Dealer, and Aid/Support, but you can only bring 5 guardians with you in any battle. It really need you to think strategically to defeat stronger enemies with these limited but abundance guardians.

There are a lot of guardians that you can summon which consists of four kinds of human/monster/devil, and the three classes as mentioned above. The evolve/growing system also varies from Evolve, Upgrade, Mastery, Skin and others. It has SYNERGY also which will be activated if you equip your team with some kind of “good” combination.

As the main story itself, it has fifteen chapters with some dungeons such as Dimensional Dungeon, Rank Battle, Weekly Dungeon, Equipment Dungeon, Dungeon of Tribulations, Guardian Tower, Alchemy Lab, Network Dungeon, and World Boss. So you will be occupied for some times to do all the chores.

The PVP battle and Boss Raid are also two favorite battle to get higher rank with better rewards and boss raid is always going to provide any players with a lot of items.

Guild is a must in any games. There are some events also within the guild, which consists of Guild Siege War to get honor, Guild War to get high grade resources, and Guild Boss Raid for valuable items.

Last but not least, VIP is not a must, but it gives you some leverage, yet it doesn’t guarantee you to be able to beat FTP players easily. Game is all about getting the facts, plan to get the best of it, and proceed with the best scenarios.


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