Saga Go was released by 4339enGame in 2016 and has become the great mobile game to play until today. As an anime ARPG, you can easily control your character by scrolling in your mobile device and right away bringing you the action-packed fighting experience!

The story is pretty much simpler, at the edge of doomsday, the darkness covers all human life land and monsters summoned from around the world destroying everything they see. Therefore God has choose you to become the Hero who once again bring light to the world and eliminate the darkness.

As God choose you himself, you will be equipped with magnificent combat abilities and various cute pets to accompany you in defeating the Demon King. Therefore nothing you can do except for accepting your fate and slay down the beasts with your sword!

As you go through the game you will find awesome features as well. I must accept that it has very colorful HD graphic and fascinating battle effects as what ARPG game should be. In the beginning you can choose a character between ranged attacker, melee attacker or magic skills attacker in which they all have different effect and DAMAGE buff.

In top of that, you will not battle alone, the game give you various mounts to ride and every mount in their own characteristic, and you will also take along your pets and evolve them into ultimate form which can give you extra Battle Power, of course they will use their skill to help you win hundreds of battle.

Same as many other game, this game also offers you a real-time PVP. You can participate in 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 and 15 vs 15 which helps you to become king of the arena. Beside the PVP, you will also be able to enjoy various game mode, such as adventure map, warrior tower, gold quest and experience quest so you will be able to gain abundance materials to make your character much stronger.

Beware! As mobile game, it also offers you with in-app purchase which you can use real money to gain a VIP status and of course buy items in shops. You can buy costume, mount, and much more. You can also equip yourself with more than 20 costume and wings which really affects your stats directly. In the end, it’s really a game worth to play and much fun with friends.

On recent news, 4339enGame has put this game to sleep forever on July 2018.


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