Musou Glory was a glorious mobile phone game. It’s a 2017 RPG mobile game masterpiece produced by Unity 3D. Let’s take a look over the features in this game.

You can definitely buy Diamond VIP by using real money and you can upgrade it into Permanent VIP, which will give you some privilege to get daily rewards, exchange bound golds to golds, exchange temporary runes to permanent runes, and points reward for recharging.

There is an EXP pool in the event time which will help you to increase your EXP in no time. And if you don’t have time to finish all previous day’s missions, you definitely can redeem it in the next day using gold or free, the amount to be redeem varies will be different.

Talking about the campaign, there are actually a lot of dungeons to be participated in. Some single dungeons including Pet Dungeon, Equipment Dungeon, and EXP Dungeon. You can clear all single dungeons with ease, even though some levels still untouchable for my character at Level 85. It’s definitely one of the must-do chore each day to increase your stats, and if you are a VIP, you can Purge the dungeons to fasten your gaming experience … some people just busy or don’t want to wasting their time.

This game is awesome with the supreme music effect in every battle, but there’s a case that some players getting irritated by it. You only able to choose one from two characters available, male or female. This is a game world that full of the Japanese aesthetic elements and you can choose to have a Peace Mode or you can attack any other players.

VIP is overrated but with it you can get a good items, and definitely you can grow strong without VIP or with lower VIP level. This game is really time waste game and strategy game at the same time. You will have a lot of resource and you decide when and how you will use them. What I experience in this game, that it has awesome 3D sensory experience, and we all say no to low quality graphics, and also say goodbye to noisy sounds that you can experience in other same type games.

This game was packed by Unity 3D Engine to create a believable dimension with tailor-made supreme class characters that gives you stunning experience moving on. I think this is the most popular RPG mobile game in 2017 where you are the one who determine the story plot and experience the great graphics and simplicity of the game.

The higher the level, the more EXP needed. You can get 20 million or 30 million EXP in some dungeons. Beside that, try obtaining title! Title can increase your stats. Some title are permanent and some are not. Even a small CP rating increase is pretty important in this game, because you can go for months to expect the production team to make changes or new events that will increase your stats, like what they do with Awaken God thing,

Pets also available for accompanying you to the battles. The more love you put on your pets, it will helps you a lot in the game. Having said that, it also help in the PVP battles. PVP is a very simple daily arena that match you with server’s player which you can choose to fight for their seats. There’s arena ranking, daily ranking for the seats. There’s a total of 10 attempts, also you can challenge TOP players for their spots if you dare enough.

Multiplayer dungeon is the next thing you need to do daily, there are three types of dungeons :

  • 50 attempts dungeon which can give you items and material to increase your rank.
  • 3-attempts dungeon which can give you materials to increase equipment, pets,

You can go in each dungeons with up to three people.

There are also many events in Musou Glory. World Boss will come 3 times every day, a lot of items there. Don’t forget to check Events tabs each day to see what is coming or activate your push notifications.

Furthermore, there is actually one thing that makes me regrets playing this game.

  • I don’t try to obtain information first about the game that I dedicated to pay to play. It resulted in wasting my “should have” rewards.
  • I keep using runes to do the bless, but didn’t finish the bless so it resets the next day, and I already waste a lot of bound golds, golds, and real money on that.
  • I don’t discipline myself. I really just let it any events go in one day, and show at resets time to do the easy chores.

The good thing is I don’t really care that much about things I missed, because I can other things that can’t be acquired through games. {click to tweet}


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