Battlefield 1 is the first-person shooter video game which is developed and published by Electronic Arts. battlefield one is actually the 15th installment of the series and released worldwide on October, 2016.

It already received positive reviews especially for the singe player campaign and multiplayer PVP with awesome visual and sound design. For a newbie, this game is not that easy to play, a lot of snipers and simply better shooters than you.

Sometimes I just don’t get it how PPLs can kill me easily, just a few second after I re-spawned. This is after all, a game who put teamwork above personal kill records. There are four classes of infantry-based soldiers including assault, medic, support, and scout; three vehicle-based soldiers including Tanker, Pilot, and Cavalry; five elite class including Flame Trooper Kit, Sentry Kit, Tank Hunter Kit, Trench Raider Kit, and Infiltrator Kit.

Players can make use of the weapons including automatic rifles and semi action automatic rifles, flamethrowers and gas to kill opponents, as they ride on horses. It actually remind me of Metal Gear Solid The Phantom Pain.

In Multiplayer online, every time you get killed, you can choose where to be revived, and auto aim is really at minimum. I don’t get much of Assisted Aim as in Mafia III. As the game focus on Multiplayer mode as in StarWars Battlefront, you can expect a lot from this game. Multiplayer mode supports up to 54 players, and new squad system actually allow a group of players to enter and leave game servers together during fairly quiet without joining a squad.

Eventually, what you can’t do much with a controlled soldier, you will do much more when you spend more time in the game. As a newbie, killing one or two and survived few more minutes is already awesome. Ignoring controls, it has great graphics and stories with war emotions fly from story to another story.

But, when you look at the story campaigns, it’s really not disappointed either. Donald Berlin is the game worlds designer and he said that the campaign mode has larger and more open environment than those in previous installment in the franchise with more option and choices in the term of completing level.


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