Suicide Squad Special Ops is a first person shooter action which is optimized for mobile game play. This game of course is based on the famous Suicide Squad movie which featuring Will Smith as Deadshot, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Jay Hernandez as El Diablo and other more characters.

In this game you will have to choose one from three characters which are Deadshot with his precious rifle as the main weapon Harley Quinn with her stupid baseball bat, and Diablo with his inner power, fire. After you select your favorite character, you will have to face thousands of enemies wave throughout the story.

As the first person shooter game, you will have to move with your invincible left stick on your mobile phone screen, and shoot or attack with the right part of your mobile phone screen. No worry, the attack has some degree of auto aim so it will not be suffering experience for your fingers.

You will wandering throughout the city and survive as long as you can against upgraded level of enemies through time, also make sure you have your special abilities equipped and free when you face a lot of challenging enemies.

As you wandering around the city, be aware also of your surrounding, you will have to find health packs, ammo, and upgrade so that you can survive against your enemies.

This game was released by Warner Bross to advertise their movies, before that they also did the same thing when they release the LEGO game which I think it’s not fun at all, as well as can be assumed the big failure.

What exciting is that you can compete against other players in daily, weekly or in all-time leader board. Beside that, you can record HD footage while playing the game and share it directly on social media. Actually I run it on Galaxy S7 edge, and it’s pretty much awesome in term of graphic, control and battle. So are you up for a challenge? It’ definitely a good game to play.


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