Hand of Fate is an interesting deck-building card game and activity which is unexpectedly become my most entertainment. It uses a feature of Tarot cards to decide the fate of yours which also combining the battle of standard RPG battle games.

A confounding figure known as The Merchant controls the player through a table of cards, flipping cards to decide the impediments and occasions they experience in their path. A bad card may uncover something innocuous, similar to a benevolent trader offering nourishment and supplies.

Or on the other hand maybe it’s something more perilous, sending the player spiraling from the security of the board into a battle experience with crowds of fearsome adversaries.

As the game progress, new cards are added to the player’s deck, enabling them to additionally impact the experiences and unearth the mystery in their journeys. The objective of this game is simple : make it to the end of card turn and beat the boss, without being slaughtered by irregular experiences or starving to death.

Every one of Hand of Fate 2’s 22 missions, called challenges, with its own particular independent experience, with various objectives and conditions for winning. One sees the player flying out from town to town, supporting workers to employ an effective antiquity weapon. Another errands the player with recuperating four antiquities, portrayed as pieces moving about the table from card to card.

The “pick a card” technique for deciding occasion results, with progress and disappointment in view of which of a progression of rearranged cards the player picks, comes back to vex even the most falcon peered toward players. New traps incorporate dice amusements, a swinging pendulum that must be halted at the correct minute, and the turning wheel of cards can be disappointing, particularly when fortunes isn’t your ally, yet they additionally include fervor.

This is the battle which you might not want to face when fate is involved, but life goes like this, you pick a wrong cards, then you suffer the consequences then you continue your life, no matter what.


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