Zenonia S: Rifts In Time is part of Zenonia franchise, the sixth installment of all series and the first saga game that goes online. Even though the game features is the same as before, you can play online now team up with other players.

Since it will be in real time, you need make best use of your character to eliminate thousands of enemies in the adventure modes and other modes. As area unlocked, you will level up, which then improve your character’s attributes and skills. You can equip your character with a lot of armors, weapons, and it will be reflected in the appearance and statistics.

Any players will be able to visit any city Players can visit a common city where they can communicate with the rest of the players. Therefore the PvP mode is much more enjoyable. From my experience, this game is worth to play, the graphic is not disappointing, while the battle system is fun and very dynamic.

Now what you can do here? From story line perspective, you can travel to 9 realms to understand the mystery of the portal, assist the kingdom to unravel the truth. Joining co-op raid party is always recommended when trying to take down High HP bosses.

As a real-time action game, you can battle monsters, making friends and destroy challengers at your hands. Zenonia offer you to choose any type of characters available, and you will have two more slots open to create your other 2 characters if you want.

You can choose Paladin, Slasher, Ranger, Fighter, Magician and Assassin. Focusing on awakening your character and break the limit is your only focus if you want to get stronger. You can also customize your character with over than 300 different pieces of equipment. Don’t worry you don’t need to remember all of them. Most of them are used for materials to increase your weapon or armor stats, even though there are still more enchantment method to increase your stats.

Talking about skills? You can also use Auto Skill in battle which is come in very handy when you don’t want to get your hands “dirty”. So last thing, Enjoy Gaming and Become a Legendary!


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