I actually played the previous version of the Middle Earth in 2014 which is the Shadow of Mordor but back then in a computer or in a laptop. Now I guess this game has evolve so much so I purchase just recently The Shadow of War game.

This game is an action role-playing video game which was developed by Monolith productions and published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, so its the second installment of the Middle Earth series, and was released in October, 2017.

It’s the Ring which remind me of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings film, which is adapted into this game. I recognize here that the game is actually the same as I play in a computer, even though the graphic seems awesome but the PC version is not disappointing back then.

I remember the game basically use the power of the Ring to influence enemies to be your ally, or just to kill them, even though you can fight also using the sword, counter the attacks and finish them with ultimate skill.

So, there is a rank-based organization in the enemy bases which you can access through menu, to see which general to kill, basically you need to get information from specific enemy using your manipulation skill. If you succeed in killing this general, you will be rewarded with loots.

If you fail, then he will get stronger and harder to kill. After you kill a general, what annoying is there is always somebody replacing the vacant position, and it feels like you have to start over again, but it’s not necessary like that, because that guy replacing the general will be less dangerous.

But talking about the dangerous fighting against enemies, each enemy has weakness and strength. A suggestion while playing this game is try to manipulate those weakness because sometimes they are too strong for you. I experience fighting general whose weakness is bees, then I just shoot the bees and he ran. What I do next is just capture him and kill on the spot.

From the looks of it, Shadow of War maybe better than Shadow of Mordor, but enemies seems tougher in Shadow of War with its added complexity of weakness and strength of each enemies’ generals. Even though, I haven’t finished my main story of this game, I am still amazed with the beauty of it. It’s more than hack and slash game with counterattack as awesome as it is, stealth and ranged attack, manipulating enemies, infiltrating bases, riding mighty beasts and so much more you can be amazed of it.


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