Bloodborne is an action role-playing video game which is FromSoftware and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation 4. The reason I don’t like this game is that this game is one of Nioh type of game which you need to kill precisely. Facing a lot of enemies, you will die easily if don’t do the timing attack.

As the same as Nioh, whenever you die, you will be revive at a resurrection point, where you have to travel back to the place you die earlier to get your soul items back. This soul items is used to increase your skills and experiences. Without it, you will never  progress your stats and ended up being killed easily by more damaging and agile enemies.

This game was announced at Sony Entertainment Expo in 2014 conference and it was released worldwide in March 2015. So you will follow a protagonist called the Hunter through the Gothic Victorian era inspired city of Yharnam.

You can equip different range of weapons, the bigger it is the slower it can be used against enemies, but the short it is, the damage will be lesser and the chance to get knocked down by enemies are high even though it makes you somewhat agile.

The first impression I play on this game is “I don’t like this so much”, but as in Nioh, once I get the hang of it, I kind of like it, even though it’s still annoying to die and has to go back to the place in which the enemies are all revived.

But the thing is, you can get used to it, so your instinct will know when to attack, when to defend or when to just run away from enemies because to just die when you reach some part of the city and go back to the place is painful.

Enemies ranges from agile one, to the big damaging ones. I don’t think I’m gonna get used to it, but a lot of players love this kind of game, so I guess it depends on the people who plays it.


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