Is Frozen Wilds match your expectation of what they have been promoting the DLC few months back? The first scene of FW is when Aloy exploring a new area then Sylens came into conversation with her.

I personally think that It doesn’t satisfy the end scene of Horizon Zero Dawn Main Game, where I would be expecting something about Sylens in this DLC, but really a disappointment from that point of view. But is this DLC with all the new features really that bad?

Aloy walking in the shaman’s path to understand more about what happen to Banuk soldiers. Her encounter with Qurea and Aratak is the first step to go through deeper area of Frozen Wilds. The Spirit is what Qurea knows, Aloy knows it’s much dangerous machines behind all these.

Frozen wild is one of the newest DLC of the horizontal town which is produced by Guerilla, frankly speaking it’s not actually new because it has been released some time ago but I actually don’t have a video on it yet even though I’ve been playing already for a while. This DLC is pretty much awesome like the main game, as you can see here the graphic is still the same as the previous zero down main game.

I actually already reached level 50 but now I kind of doing the main game all over again and I’m at level 38 when I encounter with the frozen wild. The scenes are all beautiful, especially when you see the aurora borealis. It’s like the one in the Iceland, I have not there but later I wish.

The Shaman’s path is the first mission of the Frozen Wild DLC. The map actually looks alike as in the main game but is it’s like in the north of the map. You will find a new item, the blue one, you will need this to acquire new weapons and armor so it’s very important.

This DLC offers you a new mystery puzzle kind of thing, but once you understand it, it’s really easy to to solve. There is also new thing like the control tower and monster that big enough to eat you alive. Once you get the secret armor in the main game, this DLC still not even a challenge.

You can challenge yourself basically by increasing difficulty in the main menu to the extreme mode, but it’s pretty much up to you as the player who decides how and when to play so well I’m playing this game just to enjoy every mission and the story mission itself is actually a very compelling story.

I can explore a new brand new area and facing new machines so that’s pretty much enjoyable for me and also if you have the 4K Television, you definitely will enjoy more with the enhanced PS4 console, it will actually improve graphics much more than when you only play in a standard 1080 TV.


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