Assassin’s Creed Origins offers a lot of challenges which you can enjoy working on it, not mention weekly challenges and all DLCs in addition to the main game. As we discussed earlier that this game has its basic awesomeness.

The graphics has it’s own path to give us a satisfaction while playing the game, but not the brightness issues that most of us face. Some players has to turn the brightness to the lowest point in order to spot a mission quests or just a spot in the map.

It’s annoying that brightness could “kill” us sometimes, but in overall, it’s manageable. Now, let’s talk about some challenges here! As you progress through the side missions and main missions, you will require to face a phylakes.

Basically, a phylakes is an elite Greco-Roman paramilitary force who served as bounty hunters for Pharaoh Ptolemy XIII in the final years of the Ptolemaic dynasty. In 48 BCE, they were given orders to hunt the Medjay Bayek of Siwa after he assassinated the Phylakitai of Alexandria, Gennadios. (Wikia)

There are 10 phylakes in total that you need to deal with in order to finish with this mission. They are range in levels, and some phylakes has few levels over your current level, which is not directly impossible to be killed. You just need a lot of fire, poison, and hit and run fighting style.

Beating phylakes is only one of a challenge you can find in the main missions, there’s also arena kind of thing mode, which you face a lot of Roman soldiers, animals, and of course, gladiators. Even, in the mission where you control Aya, she has to face a tough gladiator in which actually too hard with her fighting style to control, but it can be achieved though.

The next thing to face in Assassin’s Creed Origin is War Elephants. Once again, I thought I die a lot at first, but once I know how to deal with it, War Elephants is a challenge no more. The strategy is the same when fighting high level Phylakes, but the catch is, you need a constant running, unless you can kill the Elephant Riders first.

If those challenge not enough for most of us, there’s always God’s challenge every month, I guess. As you can guess, it’s very annoying with these Gods. Whenever in Assassin’s Creed, I always not able to run fast as in Far Cry for example.

It’s seriously a great exercise to your Assassin’s Creed’s skill as you face a huge God like that.


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