Seven Knights is an old game developed by NetMarble and released in October 2015. Let’s talk about some features of this old game. You can get all the heroes by summoning them, you can do it free or with in-game purchase.

You will have four formation whenever you go to battle and these formations has its strength and weakness : defense, offensive, basic, and balanced, but you can upgrade them to the max with gold to get you a boost to any fights.

Always do the Daily, Weekly and Monthly quests so you will get rewarded with great items and heroes, you can also gain gems by completing assignments and achievements. You might also consider joining a guild which you can do much further in the guild castle rush, guild war, and guild castle while also increasing guild skills.

Some contents features that you will notice are : Quizz, which by answer the right will get you items and points; Codex, which consists of all your heroes obtained; Storage, which maintain your item, pet, and heroes; View Item, which maintain your weapon, armor, accessories, and jewels for your heroes; Record’s Reading Room, and Ares’ Cups.

As a mobile game, it really offers a lot of package which you can buy by using real money in the package shop. You can also summon some heroes and items for free in the summon shop, and of course Shop will offers you other extra items for upgrading your heroes.

In the battle mode, you will find few kind of battles which including : Dimensional Arena, an events arena battle; Special Dungeons, a higher events dungeons; Castle RushRaid, a boss raid events; Tartarus; Guild Dungeon; Guild War; Arena, a pvp battle against other players online; World Boss, normal and daily boss battle; Celestial Tower, floor battle type of thing which you can move forward to another higher level floor if you success on killing enemy’s team in each floor; Exploration team, which you can assign heroes to do hourly exploration to get items; Unknown Area, which it will be unlocked once you get enough exploration points.

Beside that, there’s also Easy, Normal, and Hard Adventure Story Mission which you need to finish to advance your gaming experience in Seven Knights. Every time you stuck on a level, you can always do the grinding to get items, or to upgrade heroes. Once you get stronger, off you go again.


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