Monster Hunter: World is an action game which was developed and published by Capcom and released worldwide for PS4 in January 2018. You will follow a role of a Hunter, which you have to hunt down, kill or only trap any monsters in the open world of Monster Hunter World.

That’s the simple objective of this game, but I have experience how hard it is to kill a monster. I hunt down this one big giant bird and it takes me almost an hour to finish it off solo. Some players suggesting that you need to hunt together with other players to be able to get the best of this game, soloing just won’t do.

It’s the game for people who has patient I guess. You won’t even see any HP in any monster to get you knowledge how much HP left so I can kill this thing, so it’s not really an easy task, but to hunt down small monster, it will be so much easier and I don’t need to worry about the HP.

Beside that, as part of your role as a Hunter, you are going to use different weapon and traps of your choice to hunt down monsters. You also have to craft higher potions, weapons, and armors. In the middle of your fight with those monsters, your weapon will become dull at some times and you need to sharpen it, then get back again killing the monster.

But, aside from all the havoc of hunting monsters, the game graphic is very awesome and the characters are seems so real. This game might be a match to the Horizon Zero Dawn, but hunt down this game’s monsters using Alloy is the choice I want to have, if I have a choice. No need crafting too much potions or worry that weapon become dull, just focusing on killing the monsters with not just one weapon but three or four of it.


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