Last Zombie was released by LigenSoft, the developer of Home Run which is a mobile game also. In this game you can deploy 9 unique mercenaries equipped with 9 types of weapons to defeat endless wave of zombies with just touch of your fingers.

That’s actually what this game all about. It’s a combination of survival game and upgrades which is very inline with the game progress, whenever you find any stronger enemies, you can just buy upgrade or redo again the game days/waves.

You can upgrade your barricade, your heroes, which every one of them has different weapon and skills also, your job is to place them strategically, so you can handle 5 waves of monsters in the progressing days of survival on the planet against the last zombies.

Features you can have in this games are Hero, Team Setup, Item for Weapon, and Shops for stronger weapon, fast upgrades and of course paid with real money. Other than that, you can equip the ultimate attack with your resource for it stacking up to some points.

You can switch your heroes position freely so you can kill some monster early and the load will be lighter in the next waves. This game is a matter of achievement so the higher days the better, you can get strong to go for the survival mode also.

So if you enjoy survival kind of game, or defense kind of game, this game is a match for you.


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