It’s my first time playing this game, a survival horror video game which was produced by Frictional Games. In the Amnesia : The Dark Descents, you will be played as Daniel who wakes up in a strange castle, without any memory of the pasts.

You will continue to explore the eerie pathways which has many dark secrets. You will find a lot of items and you can store them in the inventory, also finding notes so that you will remember your pasts. Even though you will find yourself in the presence of monsters or demons, you need to avoid them, not fighting them, so it’s different from any other horror games like Resident Evil for sure.

This game actually receive great review and even earning two awards from the Independent Games Festival. The story itself was written by Mikael Hedgerd, and it has two more expansions, which are Justine and A Machine for Pigs.

Justine is more straightforward by giving you surprise of the appearance of monsters in the beginning of the game. Meanwhile I would love to explore A Machine for Pigs, which for me is awesome with all the illustrated pictures around the mansion.

I can really enjoy this game in the concept of solving puzzles but not for the eerie things, I will just shutdown my PS4 when those things shows up. Resident Evil 7 Biohazard is enough for me. But this game really makes my day when I really try to play it. There’s always a curiosity to solve the puzzle and move to the next areas.

As the game guide in the beginning states that this game is not to be played to win, but for players to enjoy the story and the game’s world, I would say that this game is worth to play, much better when you are alone.


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