God of War is a action game, made by David Jaffe at Sony’s Santa Clause Monica Studio. The first series of the game appeared in 2005 on PS2. This is a about Kratos, a warrior which deceived into murdering his wife and daughter by his master, the Greek God of War Ares. Kratos executes Ares and turns into the new God of War, yet he has been haunted by the bad dreams of his past.

I remember playing the God of War Remastered which is much simpler than this game. I use some kind of chain to kill enemies, the control is pretty much decent and it’s not too hard to move sideways around any combat environment.

Then God of War showed up in the store, I hold quite sometimes to purchase this game, wondering if it’s really great game to play. The first hour of the games, it’s very confusing because of the light too bright environment but when the part I fight one of the God. The fight is amazing.

You also want to make sure to get the legendary items, it’s somehow not hard to do, but need effort of course. You can equip Two-Hand weapon, or One-Hand weapon whichever suits you, and a little bit elementalist when you need to use fire-based weapon against all of those iced-enemies.

Another significant thing I love with this game is the exploration. The path to search for loots is somewhat challenging and satisfactory, that’s include solving puzzles to get through a room or just throwing axe in an order so you can open a special chest.

In most combat, you will be accompanied by a kid, Atreus, which helps you to weaken enemy’s defense or even kill them. You also able to upgrade him with armor and weapons, also skills. The combat also apply the “Rage” skill, which you can use when it’s full to make your damage more painful to the enemies.

The graphic is not laughable, it’s fantastic. The finisher’s move is marvellous, even the monster is hugely insane. It’s basically the game that even I already done the story mission, there’s still places you can visit to get more legendary things.


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