The Fallen Ghost is one of the series in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon. The simple things to do here you will go for numerous mission to break the alliances between the cartel and the corrupted government of Bolivia.

Bolivia has become the largest cocaine producer in the world and the Santa Blanca drug cartel has put a fight in the Narco state which leads all citizens to fear. This is actually the Third DLC of the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon series. The Second DLC is the Narco Road, which I found not awesome enough to be played.

I still will choose Wildlands for some reasons, but the Fallen Ghost is really up my expectation when I fail to recognize the Narco Road’s achievements. In the Narco Road, you need to infiltrate the gangs of El Invisible, which very active in the smuggling work and you need to work your way up in the ranks by earning trust of El Invisible. There are many hard missions here including following a helicopter to find out about enemy’s mission, cars will be much more appreciated here.

Meanwhile the Falling Ghost talking about a stranded Ghosts who were hunted down by a bunch of special forces included the Invisible soldiers, so people need to fight harder than in the main game. I was desperate, but when I know how to spot those invisible soldiers, things get easier.

As you increase your level, you will earn new skills and unlock exclusive weapon in order to complete your missions. The next thing I find very amusing is I play a lot with my sniper’s gun here and I was like shooting a soldier in an extended time, because firs thing first I need to spot every enemy’s position with my drone, and shoot them later one by one.

Another thing, I find I die a lot here, either because of Invisible soldier or just a tough armored soldier who you can’t shoot their bodies to kill, but a head shot will took them to hell directly.

Like in the main game, you still have to face Unidad here and you will have Rebel army to support you during any mission. Luis Rocha is the former Argentine army turned independent mercenary contractor and he is the one commanding the operations in the local regions to rebuild the drug labs left behind after the Santa Blanca cartel collapsed. He has already got them up and running ready for a new coke pipettes. Rocha has been using the locals for slave labor working them to death and holding their families hostage. So this guy is a really piece of work and his men call him the Machine.

In the beginning of this game, basically I start at level 30 here, with zero rebel supports skills. In wildlands, I already max my skills but here I need to start over, and the rebel supports mission is actually not hard as I assume before, and I pretty much suggest you to go Coop if you are not good at shooting, well what’s the challenge, but, it’s still much fun doing coop with others.

The Unidad special unit itself comes up with four main types : The first unit is the one equipped with heave armor make them especially dangerous in close combat.  The second is the elite snipers which they have advanced movement detectors which allow them to spot far away targets and never miss a shot so in my game play you will see that I spotted first the sniper, if you don’t spot them first I’m sure you will not know where the bullets come from. The third one is the jammers, the jammers actually having jamming equipment in their backpack. The Fourth is the Covert ops, they have this new prototype clocking device that makes them invincible with powerful cross bow.

This game have 15 campaign missions which set the players’ goal of taking down the four new boss in three different regions, fully playable in four player co-op and this new campaign start players with level cap at level 35, skills tabs which is including the physical skill that increased the time you can swim under water, the marking that heighten your sense allowing you to tag who shoots at you, the weapon which lets you equip your own new crossbow with the explosive bolts increasing your dexterity; and you will also unlocked the drone skills with two additional drones, the flash and explosive drones.

There’s also additional weapons which including the new assault rifle, the sniper rifles and a crossbow and here you’ll just find also the four news site activity types with exclusive rewards, and of course you can increase the difficulty in the game, if easy difficulty is not enough for you.


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