Without looking at the trailer or any game play, I decided to just take it for granted, bought this game, simply because it’s Resident Evil. I know how to play any of resident evil series, but I was surprised at this title.

Its a first-person shooter … nope, it’s really a first-person whatever I have on hand. It’s a horror story. It was not supposed to be this kind of horror. I has to be fps vs zombies kind of game.

I hate being tied up by freak family, can’t run, can’t find any good weapon and even I have found weapon, a guy just don’t die and keep coming back alive. You know, when you can’t kill them, you will start to ignore them sometimes. Then I just focus on my exploration LoL.

Fear, combat, exploration, and item management are the features in this survival horror game, a genre that some people never find it easy to adapt. It’s like watching a movie and doing other stuff seriously, then you get surprised by the movie special effects.

You will play Ethan Winters looking for his girl who has gone missing after sending video message to him. You will step into the new Isolated View and experience the true survival horror in a world created by all-new Resident Evil Engine. With this engine, they create photorealistic results and display objects of various textures to the smallest details.

Ethan being led to a scary mansion in the heart of bayou. This place has seriously creepy vibe, not for Ethan, but for me … well since I play Ethan here. Then something knock me out of blue and a freak family tied me up in a chair and when I open my eyes, I want to puke since the scene is pretty sick.

Playing this game alone is already makes my heart trumbling a lot, and they release the RE 7 with PS VR. Do you dare to experience all of the full game 360-degree environment VR? Are you ready to face your fears?

Combat. I don’t quite amused by the RE7 combat, it’s the same with any other first-person combat, even though I feel more terror here. I feel getting closer to getting heart attack in any surprise combats.

Molded. There are many enemies that won’t go down easily. These creatures called as “Molded”.

Exploration. If the horror from combat and enemies are not enough for you, then try to solve puzzle while looking around see if any creatures attack you at any moments. It’s surely to hard to imagine.

Item Management. Always remember that this is a survival and you are alone. Every items are scarce and limited, so it’s based on your judgement how to use them to survive the horror. You will somehow get many items to help you survive or not helping at all.

Glimpse the Past with Found Footage. Through your exploration, you will find some video tapes containing footage recorded around area. Watching the tape is a must if you want to make a progress through the game and found out what is behind all these nonsense.


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