Law of Creation is the free to play game but of course you can have the diamonds as the game’s currency using the real money and also the coins or golds to increase your stats. You can also have the benefits of the VIP with lots to offer including daily gifts.

I don’t believe that I actually playing this because maybe this game just suits all girls that love all of these fancy stuffs. Every time you purchase things, it will go directly to your inventory and be careful not to sell important items to upgrade and awaken your team of heroes.

As any of Japanese game, summoning is important to provide you with awesome heroes, take the summoning at 10 times per summon because it’s really not useful to summon 1 or 2 then stops.

The battle is great, you can use auto battle if you want, just in case you are busy enough to get your hands dirty, and you will hear a lot of Japanese voice saying something when they perform their ultimate skills. It’s cute if they do that one or two times, the problems if the battle takes long, you will hear too much for this cuteness.

There are a few thoughts about this game :

First, I cannot play any other characters that I think I can play, like Naruto for example or any other manga characters.

Second, the game has smaller characters than what I was expected, while I want to see a full-grown body as in the manga.

Third, being VIP actually gives a lot of benefit than without it, because of the fast leveling benefit, and increase in battle rating. Last, since it’s really a story-based game, I would prefer to finish the main story chapter because there are a lot of other character there that will be unlocked once you clear those.


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