Blade & Wings is an action role-playing game with its best graphics and captivating story line with a lot of challenging side mission quests. As you might aware that there is a lot of anime game out there, PopFace Inc brings the distinctive features in this game, a bright and fresh anime.

Go through dungeons and adventures with novel-based storyline. There’s always main and side missions, but you can just go grinding in any dungeons to increase your experience, getting upgrade material and increase stats. The graphic is not disappointed, the flow of the game is marvelous. .

You can defeat various demons and bosses for a chance to tame these bloody monster to your pets. Try to do all quests every day, so that you will be able to get the most of this game which including rare equipment and rare emblem materials.

It has this Intense Real-time PVP and PVE actions. Try to team up with more players or guild mates as you go through any hard dungeons. The reward of these fights with monsters is very amazing, which you can equip the unique outfits, legendary pets, and mounts.

You can nearly infinite amount of ways to customize their heroes and while you are not playing the game, you can just set your character to receive a set of experience offline. When you got back online, your hero will be a lot more stronger.


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