Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is a soccer video game published by Konami in September 2017 a part of 17th installment in PES series. It covers a lot of features that the same as PES 2017. The only thing really stand out is the graphics and the players’ controls.


Play Now. You can take your friends or COM in a single match. It has Four Modes which are Exhibition Match, Random Selection Match, Versus Match and Co-Op. In the Exibition Match, your data will not be saved. In Random Match, you can play matches using random team for each match. In Versus Match, you can play against other users and your data will not be saved. While in Co-Op, you can play with up to 3 vs 3 users in a match.

Online Divisions. You can play a series of 10-game seasons matched with online players.

Online Co-Op. As it’s name, you can play an online co-op game which will randomly match you with other players online.

PES League. It’ an online competition as part of a PES 2018 events.

Quick. This feature will match you directly with online random online players to increase points.

Online Match Lobby. It has two features : Friendly and Team. You can create a some kind of lobby room which people can choose to play in the specific lobby room.


UEFA Champions League. You can choose any of club and become the No 1 club in Europe. You can play this offline.

UEFA Europa League. It’s practically the same as champions league.

AFC Champions League. You can play as a club from any region and you can play this offline.

League. You can participate in specific leage as English league, England Cup or even UEFA Europa League.

CUP. You can participate in more regional league such as South American Championship, American Cup, Asia-Oceanian Cup and so on.

Online Competitioin. It’s practically the same as above modes but the it will be online match.


My Club. You can build a team from scratch and face COM and Online players all around the world.

Master League. This mode allow you to control both on and off the pitch to turn any club of your choice and take them into any leagues.

Become Legend. It’s more of you control a player of your choice and guide him in his football career, and this is super fun.

In overall, some of this features will not always be played by players and sometimes you can not find any room with enough players. But even if you can’t play online there’s so much to match vs COM in any of the offline modes.


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