Mad Max is an action-adventure game set in an open world post-apocalyptic environment, emphasizing vehicular combat, melee combat, and scavenging hunts.

For starter, up to 60 percent of the game will focuses on driving, so upgrading cars is important thing you will do in Mad Max. It can be equipped with weapon or tools such as flamethrowers, turbo boost, meanwhile grappling hook and sniper rifle has to be handled manually either by Chumbucket, your humble assistant, or Mad Max himself.

Other thing you can do with your car, is ramming it into enemies or enemies’ vehicle. It also equipped with the slow motion mode where you can shoot target more precisely. Believe me, Racing is the one you would like to focus to increase your driving skills since the main mission also include chasing enemy’s fastest car.

You have two options when your car broken from clashing with enemies, first, abandon it, second, have Chumbucket repair it but you need to have safe distance for that and not in battle with others, or in the battle with others but get out of the car while Chumbucket repair the car and you killing the enemy and their cars, sounds interesting right?

The other important thing is scavenging and upgrading your skills, because you need a lot of material and also HP to fight countless enemies and survive. Yes, this game asks you to fight bosses and many enemies comes at you at once. Be careful when some guy has a drum on him, the enemies will go rage and it’s a little bit difficult to handle.

No matter how hard it is, the battle system counter attack is pretty much awesome. You always can go on stealth or go aggressive when attacking bases or strange places. If you just ignore the drum thing, the battle will become interesting to deal with.

The environment of the game itself is not far from what we already seen in the movie: canyons, cave, deserts, and just a vast abandoned wastelands. This game divided into some territory with different enemies controlling it. Immobilizing the enemies’ operation could help you to regain control of the area.


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