Mafia III is an action-adventure video game developed by Hangar 13 and published by 2K for PS4 and other platform. It is the 3rd of all Mafia Series. The setting is in New Bordeaux, a fictional recreation of New Orleans in 1968.

The Protagonist is Lincoln Clay, a war hero, if not a veteran, who was coming home and start working for a mafia. But, there is a twist, the Mafia Boss betrayed him and kill his families and almost cost him his life too.

He is just barely lucky. After that, he was contacted by a CIA agent and offer him an undeniable offer, he helps the CIA to take down the Mafia Boss and by all means, anything neccessary to kill the mafia and all their networks. Then, in doing this massive operation, he recruits 3 other allies, giving them territory after he took action securing and grabbing areas which controlled by the Mafia.

In no time, he was building his own empire with the help of Burke, Cassandra, and Vito. Well, that’s the first idea. For the rest of the game it’s up to you to keep them as your forever allies or just rule the city by yourself!

I did enjoyed this game for one or few reasons. These are Pros and Cons due to my gaming experiences.


  • It’s easy to control, auto aim is very advance. I don’t need a lot of thought about how to aim my weapon. It’s literally just hide and shoot.
  • Good graphics and story flow. It has multiple ends and you can control how you play the game with your 3 other allies.
  • Car Racing. Some games took in New Orleans somehow always have car racing GTA-like, but it’s not bad, I can still enjoy the game.


  • Some controls are in the same button (ie. Square for open the door and square also for reload). I found myself almost died every time this happened.
  • It takes a few seconds delay to make action from previous action in critical situation resulting in death.

Merely suggestions regarding the gameplay :

  • Upgrade your weapon especially the silencer which you will need to silent infiltration to enemy territory and police territory also, and smg (to make great hit on enemies)
  • Upgrade your allies assistance including cut off the phone communication, calling bodyguard, and cars.
  • Always do the side mission to increase money for upgrade and do the communication tap, it enables you to not killing some boss area but to make them your allies also, and you can gain significant revenue.
  • Check your equipments before going to enemy territory, what’s best in one territory is not best in others.
  • Be prepare for surprise and excitement!!! Car Racing, Car Jumping, Intercepted by enemies when doing mission, and Failed a mission due to the above reasons.


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