Ratchet and Clank is one of the most charming, creative, great graphics adventures video games in PS4, featuring a story of Ratchet meets Clank with funny and boring comments of Mr. Zurkov.

This game is really creative and awesome in almost every way possible. I thought at first, it was one of the kid’s play, but even if it is as I thought, playing this for hours still very rewarding adventures for me. Everytime I hit a robot, I almost hear, “CLANKKKK! CLANKKKK!”.

You will be in turn playing Ratchet and at the other part, playing Clank. Both has its interesting part, with Clank we can shrink and go to almost any place, with Ratchet, even more awesome with the shooting and slash combat.

You will go across the entire galaxy to finish missions and sometimes found out tough, harder boss or enemies to deal with, but there’s nothing impossible in the game, with just a little bit practice and you are good to go.

Rachet will have a lot of remarkable weapons and the upgrade also the skills are remarkably fun and turning up the heat of gameplay. A jetpack also make you able to explore the world more freely, which is absolutely fantastic.


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